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Welcome to Leadership Anne Arundel (LAA). LAA, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is the premier leadership training & networking institute in Anne Arundel County since 1993. LAA has over 1200 graduates from its four (4) core programs; Executive Leadership Series (ELS), Flagship Program (FLG), Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) and the Graduate Fellows Program.

The Vision

The vision of Leadership Anne Arundel is to develop and nurture community trustees who improve the quality of life in Anne Arundel County by convening diverse stakeholders, bridging their divides, and facilitating resolutions for the common good.

The Philosophy

Build: LAA program participants will develop essential leadership skills, gain an awareness and understanding of county and regional issues, and acquire valuable, hands-on experience.
 LAA graduates will have access to a wide range of resources and be part of a diverse network of business, government, and community leaders.

Celebrate: LAA will always be on the lookout for examples of exemplary leadership on display throughout our county. This will culminate with LAA honoring and highlighting the accomplishments of leaders throughout the region at our annual Tribute to Community Leadership ceremony and graduation.

 LAA will bridge divides by bringing together representatives from all sectors of the community in a collaborative effort to tackle formidable issues.

 LAA will stay on the cutting edge of the Community Leadership field by continually monitoring trends within the industry, re-evaluating our program curriculums, and expanding our program offerings to meet the growing needs of our region.

The Mission

The mission of Leadership Anne Arundel is to provide people of diverse backgrounds with the education, resources and networks necessary to become successful proactive leaders.

LAA Graduates (For a full list of LAA graduates click here)

Below is a short list of some of Leadership Anne Arundel’s distinguished graduates.

Steve Schuh (FLG05)                County Executive

Pam Beidle (FLG96)                  State Delegate

Chris Trumbauer (FLG09)       County Council

Wes Adams (FLG13)                  State’s Attorney, AACo

Dawn Lindsey (ELS13)              AACC President

Tori Bayless (ELS07)                 AAMC CEO

Robert Clark (ELS14)                 HAF CEO

Larry Ulvila, Jr. (FLG95)           Chair, AACC

Judge Cathy Vitale (FLG04)     Judge

Shelia Finlayson (FLG08)         City Alderman

Ross Arnett (ELS13)                   City Alderman

Joe Budge (FLG09)                    City Alderman

Tim Thomas (FLG15)                 Publisher – Capital Newspaper

Rick Hutzell (FLG08)                Editor – Capital Newspaper

Ray Crosby (FLG94)                  CEO Crosby Communications

Teresa Birge (FLG15)                 President, AAC Board of Education

Karen Cook (FLG04)                 Dean, AACC School of Business & Law

Karen Olscamp (ELS98)           CEO, Baltimore-Washington Medical Center

Jerry Walker (FLG15)               Chair, AACo

Julie Musggo (FLG16)               County Controller

Mark Hutzell (FLG16)               COA, AACo

Rob Norton (FLG15)                  President, Maryland Live! Casino

Dough Shipley (FLG16)             General Manager, Maryland Live!

Ned Carey (FLG95)                    Delegate, COO, BWI

Ed Reilly FLG03)                        State Senator

Rick Springer (ELS09)              Regional President, BB&T

Jeff Armiger (FLG96)                Regional President, BB&T

Brian Walters (ELS13)               Regional President, BB&T

Bill Sanders (ELS12)                  Mayor, Highland Beach

Amalie Brandenberg (ELS15)  Education Liaison for AACo

Bob Leib (ELS03)                       Military Affairs Liaison for AACo

Larry Ulvila (FLG95)                 CEO, Insurance Solutions

Bob Burdon (FLG01)                 CEO, AAACC

Carletta Allen (FLG15)              Senior Pastor AUMC

Vicki Callahan (FLG96)            CEO, OBI

Fran Schmidt (FLG09)             CEO, North AACo Chamber

Claire Louder (ELS10)              CEO, West AACo Chamber

Linda Zahn (FLG95)                  Severna Park Chamber

John Moeller (ELS12)               Deputy Garrison Commander Ft Meade

Patrick Shurney (FLG10)         Regional President, Sandy Spring Bank

Maureen McMahon (ELS14)   Deputy Superintendent AACPS

Kathleen Mahar (ELS14)          President, Archbishop Spalding HS

Ricky SMith (FLG95)                CEO, BWI

Weymouth Spence (FLG00)   President, Washington Adventist U.

John Belcher (ELS98)              Former CEO ARINC







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