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Statement of Non-Partisan Involvement in LAA
Statement of Non-Partisan Involvement at LAA On the Issue of Non-Partisan Leadership As part of LAA’s engaged learning activities, members of a class may participate in non-partisan political activities such as non-partisan voter registration drives, non-partisan candidate debates, and non-partisan voter education relevant to our curriculum. For example, during government day, the class may learn more about the legislative process and or elections. As part of the lab experience for this module, class members may have the opportunity to receive training and conduct non-partisan voter registration. However the activity will be for the purpose of learning about a topic, system or process. As part of our ongoing effort to be recognized as a non-partisan leadership organization LAA will follow these guidelines: • LAA will not invite a political candidate to make a campaign speech at an event hosted by LAA. • LAA resources or funds will not be used to produce marketing materials that support (or oppose) a candidate. • LAA will not donate money, staff time or resources to a political candidate. • The Executive Director and staff members will not make any statements in his or her official capacity that criticizes, supports, or endorses a candidate. • LAA will not criticize, support or endorse a candidate on the organization’s website. • LAA will not link the organization’s website to a candidate’s campaign website or event Revised February 20, 2014
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LAA, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is the premier leadership and networking organization in Anne Arundel County since 1993. LAA has over 1200 graduates from its four (4) core programs: Executive Leadership Series (ELS), Flagship Program (FLG), Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) and the Graduate Fellows Program.

With the Philosophy of “Bringing people together to build a stronger community,” LAA also provides numerous opportunities for self-improvement and networking with peers and other community leaders through special events, social gatherings, bi-monthly newsletters and its Leadership Speaker Series.


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